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PAGAL changes name to better reflect the nature of its work.

March 1, 2016

PAGAL (Pakistani Anti-Grooming & Abuse League) announces that it has today re-branded itself and will now be known as People’s Anti-Grooming & Abuse League.

London – PAGAL (Pakistani Anti-Grooming & Abuse League) is pleased to announce that it has today formally re-branded itself and will now be known as People’s Anti-Grooming & Abuse League.

PAGAL was launched in April 2015 by a group of concerned British Pakistanis, with backing from some leading businesses, with the sole aim of raising awareness in order to prevent young girls from being sexually abused.

Since being launched, the PAGAL campaign has made considerable progress, been featured in various media outlets and also received a letter from UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s office acknowledging its work.

Tanweer Khan, founder and chairman of PAGAL commented “Over the last 10 months, we have observed that child sexual abuse is indeed a huge global problem – spanning all communities, races and religions. As such, we decided that our name needed to better reflect this. In fact, this name change is in direct response to feedback that we received from the public, particularly from Facebook users where we currently have over 240,000 likes and that number is growing every day.”

The PAGAL campaign has distributed thousands of leaflets highlighting the dangers of grooming and abuse, and held a very successful and well-attended stall at the London Mela in September 2015.

Mr. Khan continued “Originally we chose the name PAGAL, as it means crazy, mad or passionate on the sub-continent. For the sake of continuity, we have kept this acronym as during our research we found that similar sounding words in various other languages can mean burdened, hope, strength and even daylight. All of these words seem somewhat appropriate when you are dealing with a subject as nefarious as child sex abuse.”